A Heartfelt Thank You: Caring for Physically Disabled Individuals through CDC Voucher Donation Scheme

As we reflect on 2022, we are overwhelmed with gratitude for the incredible support we received through the CDC voucher donation scheme. Your generosity has enabled us to further our mission of empowering physically disabled individuals on their journey to recovery.

Through this initiative, ABLE received a substantial donation of $20,000, a testament to the kindness and compassion of our community. This crucial funding will be channelled into the 4Rs:

  1. Rehabilitation: a cornerstone of our efforts to support those with physical disabilities. Occupational, Physio, and Speech & Language Therapy are vital components of this programme, designed to address the unique needs of individuals we serve.
  2. Return-to-work: offers a comprehensive approach. From job coaches to specialised sessions for job hardening and IT training, we are committed to helping our clients rebuild their professional lives and regain a sense of purpose.
  3. Reintegration: participate in activities such as swimming and cooking, are crafted to encourage independence. These initiatives go beyond physical rehabilitation, fostering confidence and a renewed sense of normalcy for individuals with disabilities.
  4. Respite: participate in Annual Caregivers’ Retreat and a weekly Caregivers’ Support Group. These initiatives are designed to address the unique challenges faced by caregivers as they navigate the complexities of caring for their loved ones with disabilities.

Make a difference with us today! We invite you to contribute your unspent CDC vouchers from December 1, 2023, to January 31, 2024.

The process is simple:

  1. Visit https://vouchers.cdc.gov.sg/donation-of-vouchers/,
  2. Choose “Abilities Beyond Limitations And Expectations Limited,”
  3. Log in using Singpass, and confirm your donation. Opt to receive a confirmation via email and know that your contribution will directly impact the lives of those we serve.

Your support not only sustains ABLE’s ongoing efforts but also plays a pivotal role in the empowerment and rehabilitation of physically disabled individuals. Together, we can create a more inclusive and supportive community, where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.



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