Dive a little deeper into the lives of young stroke survivors in ABLE’s Swimming Programmes and how ABLE SEAS, an inclusive employer, supports persons with disabilities.

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Living with Aphasia can be a challenge, however, just like many of ABLE’s clients, Nicholas Tan perseveres to make the best out of his situation. Acquiring a language disorder does not affect intelligence. It merely means that an individual has a reduced understanding of what people say to them or that they might be stuck and say a wrong word.

When Nicholas first came to ABLE, we worked on retraining and restoring his diminished communication functions in Speech and Language Therapy. He also engaged in our swimming programme specially catered for individuals with acquired conditions as a result of Stroke or Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI). This programme allowed him to gain water confidence and improve his balance and strength. We’re so happy to see him progress over the years, remaining determined in his recovery journey.

Here’s a little reminder on how we can support someone with Aphasia:
– Acknowledge their frustration and allow them extra time to respond
– Ask simple direct questions, e.g. yes/no questions or 1-3 choice questions
– Supplement what you say with drawing, writing keywords, gestures, and facial expression

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A motorcycle accident left him with aphasia. He’s now fighting to regain his speech – CNA (channelnewsasia.com)

How does Swimming support our client’s rehabilitation journey? And why are volunteers needed to facilitate the programme?

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You don’t have to know how to swim to help these stroke survivors learn how to walk

A specialised swimming programme for adults with acquired disabilities? Read on to find out how ABLE is supporting these individuals.

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ABLE Singapore and local Patisserie “Tarte by Cheryl Koh“, joined hands this Mothers’ Day in a campaign “With a Little Help from Mom”, to honour mothers who are primary caregivers in the recovery process of stroke survivors.

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Adopting a multi-disciplinary approach has allowed ABLE to actively be part of our clients’ Return-To-Work (RTW) journey. Through rehabilitation and job counselling, our clients receive the necessary training to equip them for suitable and sustainable employment. We are grateful to have collaborators and community partners like Tan Tock Seng Hospital who have supported us in enabling our physically challenged clients. The exchange of expertise has provided a seamless transition from acute care to a community setting for clients.

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Commentary: Losing a limb to diabetes is painful but not the end of the road – CNA (channelnewsasia.com)

ABLE’s Rehabilitation Manager Marian Tan shares about Jintronix Rehabilitation System (JRS), a gamification technology used in ABLE’s home – based rehabilitation program.

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Can virtual rehabilitation be used as an enhancement to conventional therapy? Find out how ABLE introduced gamification technology and video-conferencing tools to support clients’ rehabilitation.

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