As a volunteer, you can contribute significantly to the social reintegration process of the physically challenged in our community.
We welcome individual and corporate volunteers to share their time and skill with our clients. This would include volunteering in the following areas:

1. Skills based volunteering


• Occupational Therapy
• Physiotherapy
• Pilates instructor
• Speech Therapy
• Nursing


• Accountants
• Auditing


Music and Art Therapy

Marketing and Communications

Volunteer pilates instructor, Karina conducting a pilates rehabilitation session

Care recipient enjoying threading necklaces during a befriending session with volunteer, Kirsten

2. General volunteering in Programmes & Services

• Befriending
• Interest Groups
• Support Services
• Enrichment Workshops
• Transport assistant
• Adhoc Events

We are looking for Potential Volunteers who:
1. Are at least 21 years old, preferably with working and life experiences as you will be dealing with persons with physical disabilities that requires some level of emotional maturity and empathy.

2. Can communicate comfortably in English. (Additional proficiency in Malay, Tamil, Mandarin or local dialects would be an advantage).

3. Possess pleasant disposition and maintain a positive outlook and attitude towards volunteering and learning.

Tell us about yourself and how you would like to contribute - drop us an email at [email protected] Or download, complete and send us the Volunteer Registration Form.

Sharing their experiences…

P2P volunteers Befrienders come from a range of experience levels and backgrounds. Kirsten, for example, is a New Zealander with experience volunteering in several countries. A recent volunteer to ABLE, she has taken part in two P2P sessions so far and is already encouraged to see her care recipient recognising and warming to her. Kirsten describes the befrienders’ programme as “set up to succeed, with really strong staff support” and is impressed with how easy it is made for the volunteers.

Kirsten and care recipient working on a puzzle

Vivien and care recipient engaged in a game of Pictionary

Vivien on the other hand, is new to volunteering. With her children grown up she wanted to spend her new free time doing something good for the community. Although Vivien has not had any formal training, she describes how raising children uses very similar skills: “You need to observe behaviours, work out how to cater to different needs, and be patient, tolerant, flexible and kind”.

We THANK YOU for your support.

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