Beyond Limitations: Kian Yi’s Triumph Over Adversity with ABLE

Kian Yi’s journey of recovery with ABLE (Abilities Beyond Limitations and Expectations) began with an unexpected and life-altering event. A former sales executive with an adventurous spirit, Kian Yi was on a solo cycling trip in September 2018 when tragedy struck. On the fifth day of his trip, he experienced a devastating accident that would change the course of his life.

The details of the accident remain unclear for Kian Yi, as he has no recollection of the events leading up to the incident. The abrupt and unforeseen nature of the accident left him with a major brain injury, resulting in profound physical and cognitive impairments. Two weeks in a Taiwan hospital marked the beginning of a challenging journey, and Kian Yi was subsequently flown back to Singapore for further care.

The aftermath of the accident was disorienting for Kian Yi. Waking up in Singapore General Hospital, he found himself bedridden, unable to walk, and struggling to communicate with his loved ones. The memory gap surrounding the accident added an additional layer of complexity to his emotional and physical recovery. Despite the uncertainty and the challenges ahead, Kian Yi displayed remarkable resilience and determination.

His mother, stepping into the role of primary caregiver, became an unwavering source of support throughout Kian Yi’s arduous journey. It was during this critical period of recovery that Kian Yi was introduced to ABLE, specializing in comprehensive rehabilitation services designed to address the unique needs of individuals facing physical and cognitive challenges.

The rehabilitation phase at ABLE became the cornerstone of Kian Yi’s recovery. Occupational and physiotherapy sessions were meticulously tailored to retrain and relearn essential movement patterns. These targeted interventions not only aimed to restore physical function but also provided a platform for Kian Yi to regain independence.

In addition to his physical challenges, Kian Yi also faced an acquired condition called Aphasia, struggling to string words together and process language. Despite feeling misunderstood, he worked closely with his speech and language therapist, learning communication strategies such as using keywords, gesturing, and drawing.

Over the course of three years, he has made remarkable progress. In 2022, Kian Yi enrolled in ABLE Chef and Microsoft workshops with the Programmes team. Here, he not only navigated the kitchen, cooking simple dishes for himself but also gained the confidence to propose meals at home, reducing his reliance on his caregiver. The Microsoft sessions refreshed his computer skills, further preparing him for employment. This dual commitment to physical and cognitive rehabilitation showcases Kian Yi’s unwavering determination and the holistic approach of ABLE in supporting individuals on their transformative journey to recovery.

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