Cecilia’s Journey from Stroke Survivor to Embracing Life’s Fresh Beginnings

Cecilia’s journey is truly inspiring, showcasing resilience and determination in the face of unexpected challenges. Her positive outlook and the unwavering support of her family played crucial roles in her recovery.

Cecilia went through an emotional struggle after suffering from a stroke. Having worked in the travel industry prior to her diagnosis and the pandemic, Cecilia was used to the hustle of the corporate world. She found joy in interacting with her clients and took pride in the projects she managed.

As a young mother, Cecilia felt helpless as she was unable to accompany her children to school. She could not accept that someone her age would suffer a stroke. Whenever people find out about her condition, they would always say “So young, have stroke?”. However, her bubbly and positive character spurred her on her recovery journey. With her family’s support, she enrolled in ABLE’s rehabilitation programme.

“I count my blessings to the last inch. I believe God selected the best out of the worst outcome for me,” said Cecilia.

When her brother visited her in the hospital after her stroke, he told her “No matter what you go through, you are supported”. This gave her strength and reminded her of her support system.

After completing rehabilitation, Cecilia continued with ABLE’s reintegration (swimming) programme. This reintegration programme helped her to continue exercising in a safe environment. In between working and caring for her kids, these swimming sessions provided personal time to rest and improve her mental well-being. The exercise also allows her to keep fit and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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