Empowering Dreams: Jun Da’s Journey from Disability to Fulfilling HR Career with Special Needs Inclusion

Jun Da embarked on his transformative journey within ABLE’s SociABLE programme in 2022. At the age of 26, he faced challenges resulting from a stroke, navigating a path shaped by disability. ABLE’s programmes introduced him to a variety of leisure exploration activities, including Swimming, Music Therapy, Art Therapy, and ABLE Chef. Engaging in these regular sessions not only allowed Jun Da to cultivate meaningful friendships with fellow participants but also played a pivotal role in boosting his confidence and social skills, addressing his special needs with tailored support.

With a resolute focus on self-improvement, Jun Da dedicated his time and energy to skill enhancement. His determination to secure sustainable employment led him to collaborate with ABLE’s job coach, Henry. Through consistent coaching sessions, Jun Da honed his interview skills and mastered effective communication techniques, addressing his special needs, and positioning himself for success in the competitive job market.

Navigating the challenges of entering the workforce for the first time, Jun Da harboured concerns about his employer’s understanding of his unique condition, physical limitations, and special needs. Undeterred, he diligently worked on building his stamina for extended working hours and acquiring proficiency in using Microsoft 365.

Jun Da’s journey toward sustainable employment reached fruition with SBS Transit, where he assumed responsibilities in administrative HR duties—a field he aspired to explore. Embracing every learning opportunity the job presented, his initial weeks included orientation sessions and staff meetings to familiarize himself with the work environment. On his inaugural day at SBS Transit, Jun Da adorned his cubicle with a beaming smile as he proudly affixed his nameplate, symbolizing a significant milestone in his professional journey, one that addressed his special needs.

Reflecting on his achievement, Jun Da shared, “HR work is something I always wanted to do. I am happy I found a job in this field.” This quote encapsulates his passion for the role and highlights the fulfilment he derives from pursuing a career aligned with his aspirations.

Today, Jun Da stands as a testament to the possibilities that unfold when determination, support, and opportunities converge, especially for individuals with disabilities and special needs. His story exemplifies the potential for not only overcoming challenges but thriving in the workplace with the right support and inclusivity. As a beacon of inspiration, Jun Da’s narrative showcases ABLE’s programmes in empowering individuals with disabilities, special needs, and unique circumstances to pursue fulfilling careers.

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