ONE FM 91.3 “Night Call with Simon Lim” – A Conversation with Sharon Wu, Executive Director of ABLE

In this engaging interview on “Nights with Simon Lim” on ONE FM 91.3, host Simon Lim introduces Sharon Wu, the Executive Director of ABLE, a unique social service agency. ABLE is dedicated to empowering the physically challenged to lead dignified and independent lives. Sharon shares insights into ABLE’s diverse rehabilitation programmes, such as occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and a distinctive swimming initiative for adults with disabilities, conducted in public pools to aid community reintegration.

The interview delves into a compelling client journey, recounting the story of a stroke survivor who, initially unable to speak and lacking confidence, underwent a three-year rehabilitation process at ABLE. The emphasis on individualised care plans and celebrating incremental milestones is highlighted, showcasing ABLE’s commitment to holistic recovery.

Sharon also sheds light on the vital role of caregivers and ABLE’s comprehensive support system for them. From retreats focused on self-care to tele-support groups and monthly centre visits, ABLE ensures caregivers receive the necessary support to navigate the challenges of assisting their loved ones through rehabilitation.

The conversation touches on the frequency of rehabilitation visits, with Sharon commending her team’s dedication to tailoring individual care plans based on clients’ needs and tolerances. She also discusses the challenges caregivers face, emphasising the suddenness and emotional toll that events like strokes or accidents can take on them.

Furthermore, Sharon shares details about ABLE SEAS, that employs physically challenged individuals as accounting assistants, providing services to charities and SMEs.

The interview provides a comprehensive overview of ABLE’s mission, its impact on individuals’ lives, and the multifaceted support it offers to both clients and caregivers. Sharon’s dedication and the organization’s innovative initiatives shine through, making for an informative and inspiring segment on ONE FM 91.3.



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