ABLE Rehabilitation Centre serves individuals with acquired physical disability leading to compromised physical and/or cognitive functioning. Our clients include stroke survivors, people with traumatic brain injuries, people with spinal cord injuries, people with neuro-degenerative conditions as well as amputees.

Day Rehabilitation Programme

The Day Rehabilitation Programme is targeted at clients whose primary programme goal is to maximise their functional capacity and independence. Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy and Pilates are available under the Day Rehabilitation Programme. ABLE Rehabilitation Centre is a forerunner in offering Pilates rehabilitation to people with physical disabilities. Our Pilates instructors are trained in Movement Strategies, a course that equips Pilates instructors to work with clients with movement limitation.

Return-to-Work Programme

The Return-to-Work Programme aims to support the vocational goals of the physically challenged aged between 18 and 67, with the aim of community reintegration and gainful employment, specifically to:
  • • Increase their employability
  • • Enable them to be meaningfully engaged through interest groups, sports engagement or volunteering
  • • Enhance their independence in caring for themselves at home and within the community

Our unique programme model consists of the following elements:
  • • Physical rehabilitation
  • • Vocational rehabilitation
  • • Social support
  • • Training
  • • Return-to-Work coordination
  • • Employment support

Vocational Rehabilitation

Social Support


This is an individualised and client-centric intervention programme created in consultation with the client. The multidisciplinary team adopts a holistic and transdisciplinary approach towards the client’s Return-to-Work journey. Return-to-Work interventions are prioritized to enable client’s early return-to-work with an existing employer, or if for job placement, to improve client’s employability.

Occupation-focused interventions, such as simulated work activities and work conditioning, are used to enable pre-vocational readiness. Clients’ training needs are identified, and training is provided to bridge any skills or knowledge gaps to their chosen vocations. The team is also involved in job exploration, development of commuting-for-work options, specific workplace modifications or work re-design, and, reducing other barriers for return to work.

We also conduct proactive outreach and education to employers to harness job opportunities and advocate for inclusive hiring practices. The team works in close partnership with employers, community partners and other stakeholders to enable clients to optimise their abilities beyond expectations and limitations.


Applicants must be certified “fit for rehabilitation” by a Singapore-registered medical practitioner before they undergo an initial assessment. Upon enrolment, our rehabilitation team will develop an individual care plan in consultation with the client. Through goal-setting, active rehabilitation and regular reviews, we aim to support our clients in their journey towards recovery and community reintegration.

ABLE takes reference from MOH’s means testing framework to determine the applicant’s eligibility for subsidies for the rehabilitation services.  Please contact our office for specific charges.

Financial assistance is available to those in financial need.  Applicants will be required to provide supporting financial documents.

To apply for ABLE’s rehabilitation services, please submit the completed application form by email to [email protected].  You may also contact us for clarifications or view more information from the FAQs .

Volunteering Opportunities at the Rehabilitation Centre

We have skills-based volunteer opportunities (e.g. Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Pilates) at the Rehabilitation Centre. If you are keen to volunteer with us, please drop us an email at [email protected] or complete and email the Volunteer Registration Form to us.

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