The task of caregiving is a demanding one. Family caregivers of persons with physical disabilities often experience feelings of loss, anxiety, frustration and guilt. ABLE’s Respite programmes and services aim to support the critical role of family caregivers through a Family Centric approach. A major factor for the family caregiver to recognise the need for respite is for their care recipient to be taken care of by professionals.

Family Centred Approach to Respite care at ABLE

To partner the family in this, ABLE’s Respite Centre has concurrent programmes or services for the care recipients and the family caregivers. Educating the family caregiver and allowing a platform for sharing with other family caregivers will also allow the family caregiver to recognize the need for quality respite care for themselves. Studies have shown that the earlier respite is received in the caregiving experience, the more effective it will be in preventing the onset of serious stress and the associated negative physical and emotional effects (LaSasso and Johnson, 2002; Gottlieb and Johnson, 2000).

Centre-Based Respite Service

The Centre-Based Respite Service aims to provide daily respite for Caregivers through daily programmes conducted for their Care Recipients between Mondays and Fridays from 10:30am to 4:30pm, except public holidays. Programmes includes Music Therapy, Art Therapy, Arts & Craft and Befriending Services, events and outings.

Caregiver programmes are conducted concurrently or on weekends. These include talks on legal and medical issues, enrichment workshops and interest groups.

Caregivers and care recipients at a Craft session

Music Therapy session

Participants enjoying a relaxing massage during the Caregivers Appreciation lunch.

Home-Based Respite Service

Home-Based Respite Service aims to reach out to Caregivers who are stranded at home as a result of their Care Recipients who are bed-bound or Caregivers who require an additional pair of hands to assist in activities of daily living in caring. Others would include an emergency situation whereby the Caregiver is suddenly taken ill or hospitalized. Due to the level of professionalism involved, Home-Based Respite Service is chargeable. However, subsidies are available and it will be based on MOH per capita household means testing framework. Caregivers can seek additional funding if required.

Nurse attending to care recipient’s activities of daily living (ADLs) during a home based respite visit.

There are three types of services rendered to the family. Regular home-based respite provides a steady and reliable schedule where a Nurse would go into the homes to care for the Care Recipients. Emergency home-based respite allows the Caregiver who is suddenly taken ill to recuperate while a Healthcare Professional attends to the bed-bound Care Recipient. A value-add service is the befriending programme, Person-2-Person (P2P). P2P programme is complimentary.

Family Centric Care Plan

There will be an initial screening for family caregivers to enable ABLE to identify the programmes and services that would be most appropriate and beneficial for the family caregivers and care recipients.  The screening involves a multi-dimensional process with the involvement of other professional disciplines. After the Initial Assessment, a Family Centric Care Plan (FCCP) is recommended to provide a structure for the respite programmes and services needed and to set goals, which is agreed upon with the family caregiver and care recipient. The FCCP is reviewed on a regular basis. 

A nominal fee will be charged for Centre-Based Respite programmes.  The charge for Home Based Respite is $50 for 2 hours, before subsidy based on Ministry of Health (MOH) per capita household means testing. (There is a separate surcharge for weekends, public holidays and overnight respite care.)

To register for ABLE’s respite services, you will need to submit an application form. Alternatively, you can contact us for assistance to fill up the application form, or view more information from the FAQs

If you would like to volunteer your time as a befriender or in assisting in the various centre based activities, please drop us an email at [email protected] or complete and email the Volunteer Registration Form to us.

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