“But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary; they will walk and not be faint.”


Caregivers play a vital role in supporting and caring for individuals with physical challenges. While it can be a rewarding journey, the role of caregiving is often a demanding one. Family caregivers of persons with physical challenges often experience feelings of loss, anxiety, frustration and guilt.

In a local research study conducted by NCSS, caregivers of persons with disabilities responded that respite services need not necessarily be catered specifically for themselves. Respite for them means trusting that their care recipients are well cared for by professionals in a safe, centre-based environment with affordable programmes.

Caregiver Respite

ABLE’s Respite Centre supports family caregivers through providing regular quality programmes and services for both caregivers and care recipients. Our family caregivers experience respite through self-enrichment workshops, information talks and interest groups. Through these programmes, the caregivers are given opportunities to discover and explore their own interests. As family caregivers interact with each other during programmes and activities, they have an opportunity to form informal support and social networks which would help boost their own resilience in the face of caregiving difficulties.

ABLE’s Respite programmes and services aim to support family caregivers through a Family Centric approach. The care recipient has to be first taken care of by professionals before the family caregiver is able to consider seeking respite. That is where ABLE’s Respite programmes and services come in.

ABLE’s Respite Centre supports family caregivers and their physically challenged care recipients with centre- based and home-based programmes. These programmes are run by ABLE’s Programme and Healthcare teams and trained volunteers.



Centre- based programme

  1. Drop–in Programme

Our Drop-in programmes are catered for clients who want to be actively involved but are either unavailable for or unable to tolerate a full day or week of activities. These programmes include befriending, swimming, ABLE chef, art therapy, music therapy and Pilates. Care recipients can express themselves through the medium of art and music. This helps them gain confidence in socializing with others and creating new experiences with their peers.

2. SociABLE

This is a daily, social interaction programme revolving around individual and group activities. SociABLE encourages care recipients to build their confidence by practicing their social interaction skills. Clients who are inhibited by mild to moderate disabilities and thus do not require much assistance, are eligible for the programme. Caregivers can take time off for themselves and are assured that their care recipients are well taken care of by the ABLE team in the meantime.

To register for ABLE’s caregiver respite services, please download the registration form and submit the completed form by email to enquiries@able-sg.org.


Family Caregiver Toolkit

    Interested to find out more about caregiving and locate the resources to help? Kindly drop us an email at enquiries@able-sg.org to gain access to ABLE’s Family Caregiver Toolkit.


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